La concha de la lora

La Concha de la Lora

I can’t count the amount of hours I’ve spent pondering why “parrot vagina” or “La concha de la lora” is used as an explicative here in my dear Buenos Aires.   I even tried rationalizing the expression after seeing many parrots in Los Bosques de Palermo.  I thought, hm, maybe because there are so many parrots in this park, and there are also hundreds of transvestite prostitutes that work in the park after hours, maybe there’s a secret correlation between parrot and transvestite prostitutes?  No.  That just doesn’t make any sense.  So, as with most slang expressions or words that are distinct to Buenos Aires, if you want to know their origin you should really look no further than Lunfardo.  According to the “Diccionario del Lunfardo” by Athos Espíndola, a lora is:

Mujer, en general.  //Amante, concubine, querida.

Woman in general //lover, concubine, sweetheart

      Vieja viola, garufera y vibradora,                  old guitar, pleasure seeker and stimulator,

      de las noches de parranda y copetín,             from the nights of partying and aperitif (fernet)

      de las tantas serenatas a la lora                from the many serenades to the sweetheart/whore            

      que hoy es dueña de mi cuore                           that today is the owner of my heart

      y patrona del bulín.                                            and the owner of the room 

Moral of the story?  Don’t let your “lora” wink wink steal your heart.  Take her to TGI Fridays afterwards and talk about sports and Jazz.

Mi vieja viola. Tango. Humberto Correa

a couple key lunfardo words:

viola = guitar

garufera/garufa “vivir de garufa” – pleasure seeker/hedonist/night owl …could be many versions

parranda = to be out partying

cuore = corazon, heart

bulín = room/sleeping room

// Mujer fea. //Prostituta. Mujer de vida airada.

             De la Boca vienen loras                      The prostitutes come from La Boca

            con polleras de cancan,                      with cancan skirts (see image above)

            sin que les falte la bota                        not lacking the boot,

            ni en la liga el puñal.                           nor the dagger in the garter

Now this old Tango tune is quite true to this day, minus the cancan polleras.  Now our lovely Loras wear 20 millimeter skirts, nike shocks, and a motorola razor in a thong.  They’re still quite dangerous.

El circo nacional. Poesía publicada en La Broma, periódico de la colectividad morena de Buenos Aires, el 24 de enero de 1880.

// Cooría antes la expression ponderativa ¡ah lora!, que era corriente cuando una mujer hacía algo destacable.

So this basically means you’re calling someone a whore and a lora is a pejorative, not a parrot.  As for concha meaning vagina, well, concha is literally translated as seashell.  So if you had no street experience here you might think, “parrot’s seashell?  What the…”  I’ll never forget the first time I heard an angry taxi driver scream it at a motorcyclist.  I was in the back of a cab with a friend and she started laughing.  Her English is mas-o-menos and she told me, “it’s the parrot’s vagina”, and then she started laughing again.  I remember thinking to myself, “why in the hell would you scream that at a motorcyclist and, I want to see these parrots they’re screaming about!”

Well, now I know it’s basically like calling someone a whore, but in a vulgarly rude manner.  Regardless, don’t say it around the kids or your mother/father in law.  Keep in mind it’s great to scream when:

Approaching a traffic light

Spilling hot water on your leg

Waiting in line

Paying an expensive bill

The internet fails

Cristina speaks

Any politician speaks

Taking the subway/bus/train/or walking on a sidewalk

Talking about money (any money not just the dollar)

Stepping in dog crap

You boss arrives at work

Your boss leaves work

The fernet/beer runs out

Your girlfriend/boyfriend likes a potential rivals beach photo from MDP

And much more…


6 Comments on “La concha de la lora”

  1. Kris says:

    nice. see also: “la concha de la vaca” and/or “la re concha de la puta que te recontramil parió…”

  2. Ana says:

    Cuatro años viviendo acá y no sabía que “lora” era mujer.

    Also, de todas las puteadas que he escuchado en todo este tiempo, la mejor, sin lugar a dudas, es: la concha de dios.


  3. Abel says:

    La concha de la lora , it have several means, example 1 ” vive en la concha de la Lora ” , this one means someone who lives in a very very far place. And not exactly that someone lives in a parrot vagina , lol.
    Example 2 ” andate a la concha de la Lora ” , this one means something like the English expression: Go Hell , get lost , get out of my sight , etc.
    Example 3 “la concha de la Lora” as exclamation expression like en English could be: Damn! or God damnit!.

  4. Abel says:

    Argentine languages is plenty of different ways to expression , very rich in mods and signifies. For just one word you can find hundreds of signifies.

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